Checking Yourself!

Do you ever stop and think why you hold certain beliefs about something? Is it because of something you heard or witnessed as a child by one or both of your parents? Did you hear it at school from a teacher or other adult in your life at the time? As children and into our teenage years, we tend to believe pretty much everything we hear and are told by adults and others in authority or leadership roles. They were older than us so therefore we think they knew more and have the

Since The Very First Day!!

“I had a gut feeling,” “I should have followed my gut,” “I knew in my gut, it didn’t feel right.” How many times have we heard people say these words, or used them ourselves! Your “gut” is your inner knowing, your “feeling” about something. That feeling, is you, reading the energy of a situation. It is something everyone is born with. It isn’t nothing, it is something that we need to pay attention to! We have had this ability from birth! Babies come into this world with the a