First Things First!

I hope I can articulate in this post how amazing and powerful this topic is! I wish I had this information and knowledge when I was a child! I wish I had grown up knowing this! What a game changer this knowledge would have been!! The funny thing is, on some level, most of us are already aware of this. We already refer to this on occasion! We talk about it! Most of us don’t realize the extent to which this affects us and the world around us! It is ENERGY!!

As a child, I was very affected on a physical level by the people around me. I didn’t understand why. I noticed my siblings, parents and friends didn’t seem to respond the same way I was. I didn’t understand why some people made me very nervous and I didn’t feel well around them. I didn’t like arguments and fighting. I wanted to leave the room. When two siblings would fight and it would turn physical, I would start to cry. Nobody else, as far as I could tell, was reacting this way except for me! I was told that I was “shy and sensitive.” I smile now as I typed that because, I wasn’t shy. I was very outgoing when I was comfortable. I was, and still am sensitive! Yes! I am sensitive! I am sensitive to ENERGY! Energy is all around us folks! You cannot get away from it and here is why – YOU are energy! Your body is over 99% energy! Everything around us is energy – the plants, grass, trees, flowers, birds, bees, the sun, the moon – everything!! Because we are all energetic beings, we can pick up on each other’s energy! Have you ever been around someone and they just seemed off but you couldn’t put your finger on it? Or, have the hair stand up on the back of your neck? You were picking up on energy! Some of us are more sensitive to picking up energies than others. Some of us are so sensitive, it can affect us on a physical level and make us feel sick or physically uncomfortable in some way. That is your intuition, gut feeling, spidery senses (whatever you want to call it) telling you to pay attention! It is a real thing and it can be a SUPER POWER when you tune into it!

Start paying attention to your own energy and the energy around you. How certain places and people make you feel. How you react to the environment around you! You will be amazed how much information comes your way! Once I started to do this, my life became so much easier!

For more details on my own experience with energy and how I got where I am today, visit my Facebook Page at Reclaim Balance LLC/Michelle Poole and watch the Facebook Live! The video is the same name as this blog post – First Things First! #Energy #SoundTherapy #Soundfrequency

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