What Do You Really Want?

Much of our outside world, our circumstances, are created from our inside world! Thoughts are a powerful force. When coupled with an emotion you have a wave of energy! Focusing on those thoughts and emotions, that wave of energy will make things happen! It will bring you into action – good or bad! You see, you really are very powerful! So, what is it that you really want? You could have it!

Do you have a goal? I mean a HUGE goal! A fantasy almost? Something that you long for? Something that when you think about it you think, “wow, that would be so cool to be able to do this, or to have that!” Is it a burning desire? Do you get butterflies in your belly when you think about it and allow yourself to imagine that is in your reality? Well, it can be! With a strong enough desire, and a clear picture, a VIVID picture of the end result, you will start to figure out how to get there! Think about it, everything that is here today, the automobile, airplanes, the internet, all started as a thought or goal inside someone’s mind! An idea, and a burning desire! The trick is, and I love this part, is to live from the mindset that whatever it is that you want, material or not, live from the space that you already have it! Live from that space EVERYDAY! Play pretend like you did as a child! Fantasize, pretend, allow yourself to feel how it would be to have that thing you want! Allow your thoughts, emotions and mind to go there! When you do, you will start to figure out how to make it happen! Thoughts will occur to you, opportunities will come up to draw you closer to your goal!

The reason fantasizing and playing pretend is so powerful is this, thoughts lead to feelings (emotions), feelings lead to actions, what we do, how we respond. What our life, our world ends up looking like – how we live! Thoughts tied to an emotion leads to action – good or bad! Everything starts with your thoughts and how you feel.

Now, we all have programming and junk from our past that can or will come up when we are reaching to accomplish something new. Especially if what we want to accomplish is causing us to really stretch out of our comfort zone! This is often a blessing in disguise! It is showing us what our stopping blocks are, what we need to clear in order to live our best life! What purpose are those blocks serving us today? I am willing to bet it isn’t serving any purpose! Living in the past, remembering old mistakes, problems, hardships, only carries them into today. Clearing out and letting go of the things in our past and our lives that are not serving us is so liberating! It feels REALLY good!! Energy #SoundTherapy is a modality that allow us to get right to the root of an issue through the use of muscle testing and proprietary frequencies! Our results are fast, effective and permanent!

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