Negative Emotions

Rediscover Yourself LLC is an amazing place.  My friend Michelle was training to become a practitioner over the last several weeks.  I went for the first time on a Friday and then again the following Tuesday.  I felt absolutely wonderful and amazing both times like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, I was so at peace I must have thanked them 100 times.  The negative emotions I was feeling and carrying for different events in my life that we discussed are now gone.  They were removed and detached from those events.  The memory is still there I just feel nothing when I think of it anymore which has allowed me to think more clearer and be more focused on the positive.  They really changed my life for the better.  I’m my old self.  I’m not carrying those negative emotions that were dragging me down anymore. I’m so much happier, I’m more positive. I’m a better mom and wife.  My family sees it. My husband said the woman he married is back.  That alone speaks volumes.  

My friend Michelle is now practicing.  If your struggling with anything at all give her a call at 562-6903. Go to just one session even to see for yourself.  It is better than going to the spa.  It seriously will change your life for the better and you will be as amazed as I am at how much better you feel and are overall.

Testimonial-Grief, regret, negativity and anger.

Seeing Michelle at Rediscover Yourself has been life changing. For the last 15 years I have carried so much grief and regret. I tried talking to a therapist, was put on depression meds, but neither seemed to help. Negativity and anger eventually came along and started affecting my relationship. I would get extremely mad over the smallest things and blow up. My boyfriend told me his sister had went to Rediscover Yourself and he could see a huge change in her-for the better. I was very hesitant and a little skeptical, but finally realized I needed to do something. I can’t explain the peace that came over me during my session with Michelle. I was able to let go of the grief and regret, and knew before I even left the room that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. If you are struggling with anything emotional or spiritual, you can’t put a price as minimal as it is on RELIEF. Thank you!

Enjoying Life Again!

I am going to share something a bit personal. My daughter has been met with high anxiety for years. We have utilized many tools over the years to help her manage it. Essential oils, healthy diet, good sleep habits, alot of talking with Mom as I am no stranger to this myself as well. When I became an Energy Sound Therapy Practitioner. I began giving my daughter sessions around her anxiety, fear, frustration, etc. and have noticed over the past 1 1/2, her anxiety has lessened to where she can work with! We started out twice a week with sessions and have now gone to once every two weeks depending on how she is feeling. She is a different kid! And is enjoying life again! If you, your child, or someone you know, experiences anxiety and would like to try something non-prescription related, reach out to me!

Testimonial- from a father who sent his daughter to see me:

Straight up Michelle I have tears rolling, for the last half hour I listened to my kid laugh hysterically! I won't ever forget that conversation! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! I have not heard her sound so happy in years. It feels great to have been able to give her hope by turning her onto you! And she WENT so that told me right there she wasn't in a good place which makes me feel I steered her in the right direction! AGAIN THANK YOU!

Anxiety\Depression/Self Image

When I first looked into sound therapy, I knew that it had the potential to help but I didn’t know how much until I tried it.  It has helped a great deal.  I no longer feel the anxiety associated with uncertainty.  I still have ups and downs, but it is far better than it was.  Sound therapy has also really improved my sense of purpose in life through dealing with anxiety, depression related issues and self-image.  I feel like a new person! 

A Dark Place

Before I went to Michelle, I was in a very dark place. I had been trying to fight my way out and it wasn't working. My first session with her and the sound therapy changed my life. I went from crying myself sleep, to having a smile on my face. I don't know what others have gotten from her, but for me it was a miracle. I always look forward to our next session and to feel more joy in my life.

A Game Changer!

I write this testimonial in hopes if only one person is helped from it then I have succeeded. I was sexually abused through my younger years and had went to regular therapy, for a year with my husband.  I have tried other options and not a lot of results.  I had my first session with Sound Therapy and walked out of the room 50 lbs. emotionally lighter. It was a game changer for me.  I was hesitant to go to my sessions as I was not sure what my body would be bringing up on that day and did not want to live through it all again.  I will say I was a person who had very low self esteem, did not feel worthy of anything, used goods, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, hurt, abandoned, very overweight and so many other emotions and feelings, I was not sure if there was any more help. Michelle has brought me out of all of that and more.  I now know I AM loved, first by God and those around me and I am able to show love to those that mean the most to me in my life. I now look forward to my sessions as now want to be a better person and take care of my health to be here for those I love, and to help those who may need this therapy to better their life.  If you have experienced  abuse, of any kind, I highly recommend doing a session with Michelle, as it will change your world and only for the best. 

I Thought I was Past It!

My sound therapy session with Michelle Poole was absolutely amazing.  I will admit, I didn't know exactly what to expect, but I just went in with an open mind.  As I relaxed and eased into it, I was fascinated how my body responded to Michelle's questions.  We went back to a time in my life that she was able to determine needed to be addressed.  I thought I was past this, as I have done much inner work and this never came up.  Apparently not!

I brought up all the emotion tied to that experience and then Michelle released it and used certain frequencies of sound to help in the process.  Lots of old memories came up while I was laying there.  My legs twitched a few times.  Nothing much until the last 5 minutes.  It felt like someone pushed on my forehead with great force.  I didn't know exactly what that was, but when I went back to the memories of that time, I felt nothing!  Those events were like I was watching them just happen with no emotion whatsoever!  It was incredible.

In the days that followed, I felt amazing and spiritually wide-open.  It was amazing how carrying this extra baggage was still affecting my life.  I am so grateful to have that lifted.  I seriously feel lighter (even though the scale disagrees).

I don't think I could have asked to work with a better practitioner.  Michelle is kind, warm, compassionate and extremely skilled and knowledgeable.  She made me feel safe and comfortable and genuinely cared about my well-being.

Wanting to learn about everything, I asked tons of questions, which Michelle was happy to answer in detail.

I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone, no matter where they are at in their journey.  You owe it to yourself!

Pain and Discomfort

I would like to start by thanking you again for the Energy Therapy Session yesterday, you are just so talented.

I received an Emotion Code/ Energy Therapy session from Michelle, and I can absolutely recommend her!  She is such a talented and gifted lady!

I have had constant back pain for as long as I can remember.  I would seek treatment, and the relief would only be temporary, with the niggling pain returning quite quickly.

Michelle asked me questions about my health and pain levels and explained the clearing and releasing that would occur. I have never had this type of energy therapy before. I have an open mind to all therapies, so was excited to start.

Within a short while of Michelle starting the session, I felt a warmth in my lower back, and warmth continued all through my treatment. I elected to lie flat for my session and became aware that I was not feeling the usual pain in my back.

At the end of the session, I sat up and found that I was completely free of my pain – and felt so free and full of energy! I have a new confidence in myself, my mindset is so much more positive, and my back is feeling amazing!

I am so grateful to Michelle and recommend her therapies!

Nicola – Australia

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